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Sun Works provides the students with a hands-on farming experience right inside the school in a hydroponic greenhouse.  Year round, our 3K to 4th grade students experience hands-on, project-based environmental science education. This innovative way of learning science is particularly effective for exploring modern-day issues of global concern. Water resource management, climate change, biodiversity, conservation, contamination, pollution, waste management, efficient land/rooftop use, food production and nutrition are some topics covered within our Sun Works curriculum.


The New Victory offers our 3rd and 4th grade students a unique opportunity to experience live performances in the heart of New York City’s Theater District.  They are also able to  participate in an interactive theater program right in their classroom. New VictoryEducation helps educators infuse creativity across the curriculum while encouraging  students to become more expressive.

New Victory Theater

World Conservation Society provides professional development and support for our teachers which leads to an incredibly rich experience for students at school as well as at the WCS Prospect Park Zoo and the New York Aquarium. Anine Booth is our personal Coordinator of Professional Development.  She facilitates common planning time with our teachers to co-develop our service learning curriculum, focusing on ocean and rainforest conservation.

World Conservation Society

Bio Bus provides our students a positive hands-on science exploration aboard a Mobile Lab, equipped with microscopes and staffed by scientists. This mobile lab enhances our curriculum through collaborative investigating with peers and professional scientists.

Bio Bus

The New York Historical Society provides dynamic programming and curriculum resources for students and teachers in New York and beyond. Historical study sparks curiosity and creativity, promotes cultural understanding, and fosters an empowered citizenry to strengthen our democracy. Their staff of passionate professionals draws on world-renowned collections to engage learners of all ages in the study of our collective past.

The New York Historical Society

Google for Education gives teachers and students a way to be organized and increase efficiency through collaboration.  Students learn 21st-century problem-solving and the skills that they’ll use in their future careers. Teachers use google classroom to share documents and materials with students. Students are exposed to google coding through a Computer Science curriculum, as well as during our after school program for grades 1-4.


Materials for the Arts provides our teachers professional development.  Teachers learn creative strategies to incorporate reusable items into their lessons in order to embed engineering into our curriculum.

Materials for the Arts

Apple provides a clear vision on how technology-rich environments support learning goals in the 21st Century. Through professional development for the staff, Apple has inspired teacher and student creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.  Apple products have been embedded into all classrooms and our 2nd-4th grade classrooms have become 1-1 ipad rooms.


Arts Connection provides a teaching model for fostering literacy through the arts in early elementary.  Children learn to create characters, settings and stories through multi-media puppetry arts. Puppetry is rooted in the storytelling of cultures around the globe and easily engages diverse groups of students.

Arts Connection

 Bakers and Shakers provides our 3K, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students with an in-house educational experience where science is incorporated into our curriculum through cooking. Students in grades 1-4 have the opportunity to take part in the Bakers and Shakers After school program which incorporates ELA and Math skills into cooking.

Bakers and Shakers

Quiver Farms brings farm life to our school in a fun, educational, and memorable way.  The educators come to the school and assist the teachers in providing information to successfully implement chick hatching right in the classroom. They also educate the students and teachers on colonial times and give students hands on exposure to animals that colonists had access to such as turkeys.

Quiver Farms

JAMF is a comprehensive management system for Apple macOS computers and iOS devices. With Jamf Pro, IT Technicians proactively help to manage the entire lifecycle of all Apple devices in our building.