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Teacher: Ms. Alutto


Teacher: Ms. Bauman


3K - 3K students will use cool colors to paint a snow globe. Students will learn how to stamp snowflakes onto their snowglobe and add puffy paint for snow.

Pre-K- Pre-K artists are working on abstract expressionist paintings made by cardboard printmaking, watercolor and crayon texture rubbings.

K- Kindergarten students will create mixed media snowman. Students will learn how to paint a spiral background with cool colors. Students will use india ink, crayons, and pastels to draw the parts of a snowman to add a head, face, body, hat, scarf, and buttons.

1st- First grade artists are working on making collages and paintings inspired by the Russian painter and art theorist, Wassily Kandinsky.

2nd-  2nd grade students will continue with their abstract castle inspired by the painting, Castle and Sun by Paul Klee. Students will use cardboard pieces to stamp different shapes with white paint onto black paper. Students will use pastels to add bright colors to fill in their shapes. 

3rd- 3rd grade students will continue learning about pop artist, Wayne Thiebaud to create a mixed media donut. Students will use texture rubbing plates to add texture to their background and foreground. 

4th- Fourth grade artists are working on a still-life bouquet piece inspired by contemporary artist, Heather Galler. They are using the mediums India ink, neon oil pastels and watercolors.

5th- Fifth grade artists will be creating minimalist line drawings inspired by Brazilian illustrator Ninhol. His work had initially been influenced by the city’s culture where he was born, but over time, and having moved to other Brazilian cities, his works have also undergone changes based on where he has lived. Usually his work is super detailed, sometimes colorful, sometimes no color at all, depending on the specific project that he is doing. He draws inspiration from colors, traditions, nature and travel

Teacher: Ms. Florio


Teacher: Ms. Zeldin


3K- 3K will begin learning about steady beat. We will explore ways we can keep a steady beat using our bodies and instruments.

PreK- PreK will be working on differentiating between high and low. We will be working with new instruments and exploring how to play them. 

K-Kindergarten will be working on their rhythm reading skills, reading quarter (ta) and eighth notes (ti-ti).  We will be creating short rhythm patterns for our classmates to read. We will begin working on exploring melodic contours of music.  

1st- First Grade will be discovering melody patterns over a major third and identifying them accordingly (sol - mi). We will begin to label lines and spaces on the staff and introducing repeat symbols. We will also begin learning songs for our Spring Concert on May 22nd.

2nd- Second Grade will be identifying and practicing songs written over a major third (sol, mi). Students will be reviewing rhythm qualities and applying them to classroom instruments. 

3rd- Third Grade will be practicing rhythms and songs that utilize the whole note (ta-a-a-ahm). Students will be singing songs from the American Folk tradition. Students will be applying their rhythmic and melodic knowledge to classroom instruments.

4th- Fourth Grade will be identifying the line and space notes on the treble staff. Students will be applying their knowledge of solfege syllables (mi, re, do) to classroom instruments and the treble staff. Students will discover syncopated rhythm patterns.

5th- Fifth Grade students will begin a two unit of study on the components of musical theater. Students will be exploring and discussing the plot, character and space as it pertains to theater. Students will be production on their work “The Lion King” which will be presented in May.

Teacher: Ms. Brennan


K- Our kindergarten explorers will begin to realize how lucky we are to have a greenhouse where we can grow fresh food all year long as we begin to cook using greenhouse ingredients. 

1st- After reviewing the 3 states of matter and physical properties 1st grade explorers will begin to move through the design process as they plan, design, and engineer a raft that will be able to float a seedling in the water. 

2nd- Our plant scientists will begin carrying out investigations more independently. They will observe seeds and predict how their structures might help them get dispersed to new places and work in groups as they count and measure distance of seeds blown by the wind. 

3rd- Our 3rd graders will be starting a new unit where they take on the role of meteorologists working for the fictional Wildlife Protection Organization (WPO). They will investigate weather patterns as they solve the problem of where to establish an orangutan reserve.


4th- Our electrical engineers will investigate and read to learn more about electrical grids and argue for the best solution for improving an electrical grid to reduce blackouts. 

5th- Our food scientists will begin to figure out how to make a salad dressing without sediments. They will be challenged to use their understanding of the particular nature of matter and of the properties of molecules to explain why some solids dissolve and others do not.

Teacher: Ms. Sheflin


Happy Winter! The Kindergarten through Second Grade will be focusing on their fine and gross motor skills while participating in various winter themed station activities. From learning how to properly hold a hockey stick and pass the puck to “walking through a winter wonderland of snowballs on snowshoes”, the children will be immersed in all activities winter! The Third, Fourth and Fifth grades will begin a Pillow Polo unit. This will include how to shoot and pass a ball and understand the concepts of offense and defense. Our unit will conclude with small sided pillow polo games.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!