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Fifth Grade Happenings

ELA: This month, we will wrap up our unit on Rocks and Minerals.  We will visit the Museum of Natural History on November 4th, examining different rocks, minerals, and fossils in their many exhibits.  We will continue to study the attributes of rocks and minerals, learning to identify different types and learning about how they are created.  The students will utilize FlipGrid to present their speaking and listening about rocks and minerals, using this digital format to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts and allowing for student-to-student feedback as well.


Math: This month we are continuing with our second module! We wrapped up multi-digit multiplication and multiplying with decimals. We will continue to work on dividing multi-digit whole numbers and dividing with decimals. We have been learning many different strategies for multiplication and division. Students may use a variety of strategies or choose the strategy they feel most confident using to solve! Please continue to practice your basic (1-12) multiplication and division facts so they are fluent!


Reading: We will continue our 5th grade novel, Esperanza Rising.  We will analyze the characters, settings, themes and symbols the author uses throughout the novel.  These skills will help us with our narrative writing in Unit 3! Additionally, the students will continue in their Guided Reading Book Clubs, reading books aligned to their independent reading levels and discussing their books with their classmates and teachers in small groups.  Within ELA reteach, the students will work in small groups to complete various learning stations, with an emphasis on vocabulary development, skills work based upon reading assessment data, independent reading and responses, and computer-based reading on RAZ kids. 


Writing: In writing, the students will continue to expand their skills as informational writers.  The students will create an informational book about either rocks or minerals, drawing upon all of the resources they have gathered and read throughout our unit and creating their own collection of information-based writing.  The students will include various nonfiction text features, such as bold words, headings, and a glossary, practice defining challenging academic vocabulary, and utilizing various nonfiction text structures to teach about their chosen topic.


Important Dates:  

  • November 4 - Museum of Natural History Trip

  • November 5 - Election Day - No School

  • November 11 - Veterans’ Day - No School

  • November 14 - Parent Teacher Conferences (Half Day for students)

  • November 28+29 - Thanksgiving Recess - No School 

  • December 2 - Middle School Applications are due!

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