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 Class 101 

Teacher: Ms.Murray


Teacher: Ms.Beltran


 Class 102 

Class 103

Teacher: Ms. Mollura


Teacher: Ms. Maguire


Paraprofessional: Ms. Fogarile


First Grade Happenings

ELA: Starting off the New Year, our First Graders will continue traveling through the Solar System and will complete a Performance Task by writing an Information Writing Piece. Students will be creating a chapter book with 3 chapters of 3 different planets. Later in January, we will begin our Human Body unit. In this unit, students will learn about the different body systems and the purpose that each one serves. 


Math: The first graders will continue working on Module 3. This Module focuses on Measurement.  The students will continue to compare length. Students will learn about the importance of measuring with the same objects, for example paper clips, cubes, or even toothpicks. Lastly, our first graders will learn how to interpret data and analyze graphs by answering a variety of questions.  Toward the end of January, the first graders will begin Module 4. In this Module students will build on what they learned in Module 2. They will use place value to help them add and subtract within 40. Students will use symbols to compare place value. Lastly, students will represent larger quantities by finding the total or unknown  in word problems. 


Wilson: First grade is beginning Unit 6 in Wilson. We will introduce the concept of a baseword and suffix,  beginning with just the suffix -s. The students will also learn the concept of plurals, or adding -s to mean more than one. Later in the unit, we will talk about words with -s that are action words. 


Reading: This month we will be testing students for the January benchmark. At the end of first grade, students are expected to be reading at a Level J/K. Please continue to read every night at home with your child and complete the weekly reading log. In addition, please use the Reading A to Z/ Raz-Kids website to help your child practice reading on level.  We can’t wait to see students moving up in reading level! We are excited to celebrate their achievements! 


Writing: The writing focus for our Human Body Unit will be Opinion writing. The students will learn how to compose an Opinion piece by stating their topic with a bold beginning, include three reasons to support their opinion,  partner sentences, and a creative conclusion. The students will have an opinion writing checklist, along with a graphic organizer to help them plan out their paragraph as they write.


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