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 Class 101 

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Teacher: Ms.Beltran


 Class 102 

Class 103

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Teacher: Ms. Maguire


Paraprofessional: Ms. Fogarile


First Grade Happenings

ELA: Our First Graders have just traveled back in time to Ancient Egypt! In this Social Studies unit of study we will be learning all about what life was like in Ancient Egypt. Students will learn all about the people of Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs, mummies, and pyramids and why they are all important. Our first graders will discover why the Nile River was so important for daily life during this time. Our first graders will also learn what Ancient Egyptians dressed like, the food they ate, and even how to read hieroglyphics! 


Math: We will begin Module 2 this month! This module bridges problem solving within 10 to working with numbers within 20. Students will begin to solve addition and subtraction story problems involving teen numbers. They will move into learning composition and decomposition strategies, partners to 10, decomposition for all numbers within 10, and representation of teen numbers as 10 + x. Students will also solve equations that add 3 numbers and in some scenarios realize that 2 of those numbers make 10. 


Wilson: In Unit 3 we will be reviewing the digraphs wh, ch, sh, th and ck. Digraphs are letters that stick together to make one sound. We will also teach that wh is only used in the beginning of a word and ck is only at the end of a word. 


Reading: First grade has been working hard to build stamina during independent reading time. Guided Reading groups are well under way. RazKids login information was sent home mid-October, please use this Online Reading program to read with your child each night. Please remember to have your child read independently every night! 


Writing:The writing focus for our next unit will be Narrative. The students will learn how to compose a narrative by stating an introduction, sharing details that include partner sentences, adding thoughts and feelings, transition words (first, next, then, last) and a clever conclusion. Students will be writing from the narrative standpoint of an ancient egyptian and including content into their narrative writing.

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