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Fourth Grade Happenings

ELA: Beginning in the New Year, fourth grade will continue to study Medieval Times, also known as the Middle Ages. We will learn about major events during the Middle Ages including the bubonic plague and the Crusades. We will wrap up the content in the unit by exploring the effects of the Middle Ages.   After completing that unit, the students will begin their study of the American Revolution, diving into the causes of the war and considering their own opinions concerning the Revolutionary War. We will use this unit to focus in on paired-passage readings and using text-based evidence stems (TBE) when responding to the information in our readings.


Math: For the New Year, we will kick off our new module of Fractions.  We will start the unit by exploring unit fractions. Students will learn about mixed numbers and improper fractions.  We will also learn about equivalent fractions as well as comparing and ordering fractions from greatest to least and least to greatest. In addition, students will learn to add and subtract fractions and create common denominators in unlike fractions.  We will use various models when working with fractions, such as number lines and bar models. We will also use number bonds to show the relationship between fractional pieces and the whole number it is associated with.


Reading: During ELA and Guided Reading, we will continue to identify cause and effect relationships in nonfiction texts. In addition, we will also analyze events using primary and secondary sources. We will also explore different genres of fiction during our fiction Friday time. Students will continue to work toward their individual reading goals during their small group instruction. Some of these goals include summarizing, identifying a theme or message and making inferences using what we know and clues in a text. Students are also working on building their reading stamina this month. Please help them do this at home by having them read for 25-30 minutes each night.

Writing: We will wrap up on our narrative writing unit within Medieval Times, using different fictional stories as model texts.  Some of the skills we are working on incorporating in our writing are adding transitional words and phrases to show shifts in time, working in either the 1st person or 3rd person narrative style, and properly using dialogue within our stories.  Within the American Revolution unit, the students will cycle back to opinion-based writing, considering what their beliefs are about a topic and finding reasons in their learning to support that opinion.

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