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Second Grade Happenings

ELA: The students will continue to work in their second unit called Creepy Crawlers!  We will explore the life cycle of insects, attributes of insects and categorize the insects in different ways, whether they are helpful, harmful, social, and or solitary. Some insects students will be learning about are honey bees, butterflies, ants, dragonflies, and grasshoppers.


Math: The students will continue to expand their knowledge of bundling ones, tens, and hundreds up to a thousand as well as using a number line and place value chart. Students will work on counting by ones, tens, and hundreds.  Students will work on adding 100 more and 100 less with three digit numbers. Practice giving your child a three digit number and ask them what is 100 less or 100 more. 


Wilson: The students will begin the month of November with Unit 3. During Unit 3 they will continue to work on their trick words, vowel teams, and the glued sounds -ild, -ind,-ost, -old, and -olt. Unit 4 will begin in the middle of November.  During Unit 4, the students will work with the suffixes -er and -est. 


Reading: We have been working on many fictional reading skills in their guided reading groups.  Some of those skills are character analysis such as looking at the characters emotions throughout the story and using evidence from the text to prove the emotions.  We are also discussing the different traits each character has and identify the actions in the story that makes us categorized them with those traits. We discuss the problem and solution the characters deal with as well. Please review these skills by asking similar questions to your child while completely their nightly reading. Remember students should be reading 20-25 minutes each night.


Writing: The writing focus for our next unit will be Narrative. The students will learn how to compose a narrative story, in which they recount a well-elaborated event or short sequence of events, include details to describe actions, thoughts, and feelings, use temporal words to signal event order, and provide a sense of closure. 

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