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 Class 301 

Teacher: Ms. Pannell


Paraprofessional Ms. Mazzella


 Class 302 

Teacher: Ms. Peluso


 Class 303 

Teacher: Ms. Fonseca


Teacher: Ms. Acevedo


Third Grade Happenings

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ELA: Beginning the New Year, we are going to continue to learn about Astronomy and Space Exploration! Students will learn about the planets, planetary motion, moon phases and how it affects our everyday life. Students will use technology throughout the unit to further explore concepts in this unit.  Students will read various informational texts (non fiction books, magazines, articles) to understand information on the Solar System. We will then begin our study of various forms of fiction texts. Students will learn how to read and interpret different forms of poetry writing. They will also analyze characters and characters’ motivation.  The third graders will practice using text evidence to support their thinking.


Writing: Students will work on informational writing using the Solar System as their topic and use informational text features such as definitions in their writing.  They will also focus on vocabulary words from the ELA unit, and choose 1 word to “bring to life” in presentation format to their classmates. Students will use ipads to further research concepts for their writing and presentations. Students will also learn how to respond to literature.  Students will also continue to practice how to write short answer and extended response questions according to NYS ELA Testing guidelines/rubric. The students will continue to work on citing text evidence and utilize a RACE writing format when constructing short-responses as well.


Math: Students will finish up the current unit of measurement the first week of the new year! We will then begin our next math unit. Students will solve problems involving area and perimeter. Students will be able to add all of the sides to solve for perimeter. They will need to count the boxes to find the area as well as understand the formula: area = length x width. Afters solving basic area, we will begin solving for area of composite figures. Students should be practicing their multiplication facts each night!

Reading: Students will continue to build stamina to read for at least 50 minutes with little interruption.  Students will also annotate reading passages to help further understand what they are reading.

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