Queens Explorers Magnet School For Global Conservation and Service Learning
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Ozone Park, Ny 11416
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 Class 301 

Teacher: Ms. Pannell


Paraprofessional Ms. Mazzella


 Class 302 

Teacher: Ms. Peluso


 Class 303 

Teacher: Ms. Fonseca


Teacher: Ms. Acevedo


Third Grade Happenings

ELA- This month, we are learning about different aspects of the early civilizations of Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.  Students will compare the communication, geography, arts and culture and technology from each of the early civilizations.

Math - This month we are continuing to learn the language of multiplication as we understand what factors differentiate between the size of the group and the number of groups. We will learn what factors are and how to use smaller factors to figure out larger ones. We will also be relating division to unknown factor problems, as well as solving division problems with 2 and 3. Lastly, the students will move into multi- problems with multiple operations. 


Reading:  We are going to continue working on reading fictional texts as we prepare for our November reading assessments.  We are working on understanding the fictional stories we read and determining the theme of the story.

Writing:  This month we are going to focus on opinion writing.  We are going to work on stating our opinion and providing reasons to our opinion.  We will use examples and text-based evidence to support our reason. 

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