1st Grade

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1st Grade Happenings


ELA- The First Grade has just started our new unit on the Human Body. Within this new unit, students will learn that there are different body systems and the purpose that each one serves. They will also learn how each of these systems work together to help our body function and stay healthy. Students will be given the opportunity to practice developing healthy habits by participating in fun “Healthy Friday” activities. 

Writing- The writing focus for our Human Body Unit will be Opinion Writing. The students will learn how to compose an Opinion piece by stating their topic with a bold beginning, include three reasons to support their opinion with partner sentences, and a creative conclusion. Students will have an opinion checklist, along with a new graphic organizer to help them plan out their ideas as they write. At the end of this unit, the students will share their opinion by choosing which system of the Human Body they believe is the most important and writing their very own opinion piece. 

Math- In January, the first graders began Module 4. In this Module students will build on what they learned in Module 2. They will use place value to help them add and subtract within 40. Students will use cubes, dimes and pennies to recognize 40. Students will use symbols to compare place value, such as >, less than <, and equal to =. Students will begin to make connections to identify that 3 + 1 = 4 and 3 tens + 1 ten = 4 tens. Students will also begin to add two two-digit numbers using the AAA strategy, as well as subtract two two-digit numbers using the SSS strategy.  Lastly, students will represent larger quantities by finding the total or unknown in word problems. 

Reading-We finished our  F&P testing at the end of January at this point in the year students should be reading at level H.  Based on our new independent levels we will begin our new guided reading groups. By the end of first grade students should be reading at a level J. Please remember to continue reading each night!

Wilson- First grade is  working on Unit 7 of our Wilson curriculum. Students will be introduced to glued sounds: ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk. We will also work on blending sounds and reading words with ng and nk.