Student Empowerment Programs

Student-Led Service Learning Projects

QE engages students in Service Learning Projects. During our Beginning-of-the-day and end-of-the-day Social-emotional Learning Block for remote and blended students.  Students use this time to meet with groups of students to share some of the things they care about and pursue projects of their choice.

Student Journalism

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Date  QE engages students in Broadcasting & Journalism by providing students with a platform to gather information, interview sources, raise issues, report news, and share stories.  Students use digital tools to record posts for Digital News Slides and social media. Beyond that, students provide written testimonials about their learning in monthly Curriculum Newsletters. 

Student Leadership Program

QE produces socially conscious, critically minded, and globally aware student leaders. Our students make decisions to improve the school environment and policies. We empower students to be agents of change in their local and global communities. Student Leaders will host fundraisers, lead campaigns, and plan events to engage their peers, teachers, and community.

Student Learning Conferences

QE regularly solicits student feedback throughout the year as the school conducts Student Learning Conferences with groups of students to get a pulse on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and social-emotional learning. This allows the school to implement instructional approaches and techniques that are based on student choices, interests, passions, and ambitions.

Student-Led Conferences

QE invites students to all discussions related to their own learning. Individual students are included in parent-teacher conferences, IEP meetings, student support meetings, discipline hearings — any discussion in which they are the main topic. This allows students to describe their academic progress and collaborate with teachers and parents to address academic, behavioral, or social challenges.