2nd Grade

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2nd Grade Happenings


ELA- We began our Immigration Unit in January and we will continue to study Immigration throughout this month. Students will continue to learn about the push and pull factors that led people to immigrate to America and we will learn about the experiences they had as they went through the immigration process on Ellis Island and Angel Island. We will also be going  back to review and focus on the Narrative writing skills throughout the unit.

Math- We will be continuing to solve Addition and Subtraction problems within 1,000 by using all strategies learned. We will continue using strategies such as the Arrow Way, AAA, Bar Model, SSS, Vertical way, and using the opposite operation to check our work. We will also continue to incorporate word problems to strengthen the students’ math skills. 

Writing- This month we will be revisiting our Narrative writing skills. We will focus on the different components that are seen in narrative writing such as; Dialogue, the use of “I”, Show NOT Tell, Ellipses… etc.  We will be using our narrative writing skills to write in the point of view of immigrants to connect with our Immigration unit in ELA.

Reading: We finished our next F&P testing at the end of January.  Based on our new independent levels we will begin our new guided reading groups this month and revisit fictional stories. Remember students should be reading 20-25 minutes each night and their goal is to be reading at level K/L. 

Wilson: During the month of February we will begin working on Unit 7 and 8.  In these units, the students will continue to work with their trick words but will focus on  new suffixes such as ly,ty,y and r controlled vowel