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 Class 3K  

Teacher: Ms. Stroble


Paraprofessional: Ms. O'Hanlon


3K Happenings

In January, the students will continue to learn about their environment. We will focus on “

Investigating”. The students will have the opportunity to explore and study the world around them. Every week we will focus on a topic that will help the students learn more about Investigating. The weekly focus topics are; Look Closely, What to Investigate, Express and Test Ideas as well as Make and Share Conclusions. Throughout each week the students will answer questions, engage in activities and learn more about the things they investigate. They will look closely and notice details about materials they investigate. They will make and share their conclusions about materials. You can help your child build their communication skills and vocabulary at home by asking them questions that encourage them to explain their reasoning.


Our family engagement projects will focus on our weekly topics and we encourage families to do the activities with their child. When our school and home connection is strong our students learn the most. At home, you can help your child by creating routines for bedtime or throughout the day. Having conversations with children as young as 3 will increase their communication skills and vocabulary. Encourage your child to speak about their needs, wants and feelings to help them increase their communications skills within school. To encourage self-help skills at home, have your child feed themselves, try to dress themselves and encourage them they can try to do tasks without help at first. Please continue working with your child on potty training as we will continue to help them along the way in school.


We are very proud of our students and how they are becoming more independent in school. They work hard every day and engage in activities with their peers.

We look forward to an amazing year and we cannot wait to see how much more our students grow.

3K Exploration 1: Our Community

Week 1: Family Engagement Project


Please send in a family picture that will be displayed on our family tree in the classroom. The children will be learning all about different members of their families throughout our first unit of study Exploration One: Our Community. We want the children to know we are making a connection between home and school by keeping their families close to them throughout the day. This will help them find comfort in seeing their families as part of our classroom.


Due: Wednesday, September 9th