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3K Syllabus

 3K Syllabus 

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Current Unit:

Current Unit:

Exploration 3: Our Impact

Summary of Unit:

In May, the students are learning about living things and how things grow. We will discuss the ways that they have grown and all the new things the children are able to do by themselves. We will have the opportunity to learn about the life of plants and butterflies. We are very excited to transform our classroom into an “Anywhere Garden” by planting seeds in various types of containers. 

In June, they will continue to learn about change and have the opportunity to explore change in their life and the world around them. We will prepare students for Pre-K by exposing them to the flow of a day in Pre-K and review the  things they will learn as well as visit classrooms. June is a very exciting month and we have many exciting events planned for them. Over the summer, continue to have conversations with your children as a way to increase their communication skills and vocabulary. Encourage your child to speak about their needs, wants and feelings in complete sentences.


Students have been listening to many different stories this month and learning new vocabulary words.  Students are working on looking at pictures and answering questions about the text being read.

At home you can:

  • Ask your child questions about stories being read. 
  • Have them speak in complete sentences. 
  • Ask them to express their thoughts and ideas. 
  • Ask your children about the characters and setting in the story. During reading time, we are working on these skills.
  • Have your children make connections to their real life 


We are working on holding a pencil correctly and learning to identify the letters in your child’s name. We have been working on tracing different types of lines (straight, curvy, zig zag, etc). In June we will begin tracing the letters of your child’s name.

At home you can:

  • Work with your child on pencil grasp.
  • Have your child draw pictures, and ask them questions to encourage them to tell you about what they have drawn. 
  • Have your child practice tracing their name.


This month our math center provided another place for the children to build using small pattern blocks, tiles & small wooden blocks.The children also enjoy working both independently and in pairs to complete puzzles. 

Gross Motor / Movement

In Physical Education, the children continue to focus on building and strengthening their gross motor skills through various activities. The weather is becoming mild and we are hoping to play outside in the playground more often. Please have your child dress to play outdoors and remember to have your child wear sneakers every day!

Parent & Student Voice:

“Look at this! I have this letter in my name and so does Alany…and Angelo…and Aaliyah! We are the same letter.” -Adrian