4th Grade

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4th Grade Happenings


ELA- We began our American Revolution Unit in January and we will continue to study the Revolutionary War throughout this month. Within this unit, we will discuss what it was like to be a British colonist in America, the various causes of the American Revolution, important events of the time period, and influential people of the revolution.  During this unit, we will have the N.Y. Historical Society visit our school to discuss the Battle of Brooklyn by looking at primary and secondary sources surrounding the battle. We will read a variety of text types within this unit, including letters, speeches, informational texts, paired passages, poems, and readers’ theater.

Writing- We will be revisiting our opinion writing skills. We will focus on gathering information from multiple sources, combining information across more than one text, citing text evidence to support our opinion, and constructing powerful arguments with reasons and examples to validate our opinions about the American Revolution.

Reading: Students should continue working on their reading stamina. Students should be able to read for 50 minutes uninterrupted. Students should be at a current reading level of R/S. 

Math- We will be learning all about fractions.  We will kick off the unit by exploring unit fractions, mixed numbers, and improper fractions.  During the month of February, we will also learn about equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, creating common denominators in unlike fractions, and multiplying fractions.  We will use various models when working with fractions, such as number lines and bar models, and number bonds, to show the relationship between the fractional pieces and the whole number it is associated with.