5th Grade

Fifth Grade Syllabus


 Fifth Grade Syllabus  

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5th Grade Happenings

Current Unit:  L.I.T. Reading and Writing Through the Lens of Theme

Summary of Unit: 

Through mentor texts, our fifth graders will become literary analysts.  Students will read fictional short stories and watch short video clips to determine the greater meaning.  Our fantastic fifth graders will draw upon critical, previously-taught skills to dive deeper into fiction for a comprehensive literary analysis.  Along the way, the students will analyze various texts for different fictional craft moves, such as figurative language and themes, and draw on their persuasive writing skills for a written literary analysis. 


Throughout our reading unit, we will be reading various fictional short stories, narrative nonfiction, and other types of reading passages.  Our students will read a variety of short narrative texts, reflecting on the character development and growth and the themes and lessons within these stories.   Our students will also look for common themes across texts and genres, combining these ideas through different types of reading responses and essay writing.  Students will determine evidence to support their themes while working on short-response writing.  Our reading unit will tie in perfectly with our persuasive writing unit with literary essays!


Tips for families to support learning

Questions to ask while your child is reading fictional storiesOutside link icon

→Use these anchor charts to help with common literary themes Outside link iconand character analysisOutside link icon

→Encourage your child to read every night to build stamina

→Ask your child to make connections between their fictional reading and their own lives, other books they have read/movies they have seen, or even what they know about the world

→If your child enjoys one of the authors we study, encourage them to read another book by that writer or another book in this genre (realistic fiction/memoirs).


Use these websites/materials to support your child’s learning at home:

RAZ Kids has a large variety of fictional reading passages on your child’s reading level - Kids Log-InOutside link icon

→ Open access reading is available on www.readworks.org/ Outside link iconand www.commonlit.org Outside link iconfor short fictional passages on a variety of reading levels - have your child log in using their NYC email account and they are connected to our classroom

→ Check out videos on different literary elements on FlocabularyOutside link icon

Room Recess Outside link icon- reading games for all ages

IXL Outside link icon- have your child read nightly on IXL and practice a variety of reading skills.  Check out your child’s  individualized MAP Skills Plan, based upon their January 2024 MAP screener results.  They can work on their skill plans for both reading and math.  We are running a LEADERBOARD competition to see how  many 5th grade skills can be mastered by our awesome students in both classes!


Writing: Persuasive 

Students will be working with different forms of literature, both digital and print, to write thought-provoking literary essays throughout this unit.   We will be refining claims about themes to be more precise, gathering and organizing reasons and evidence logically based on our analysis of the character's words, and explaining how feelings and actions (as well as using language) when writing arguments should be specific to the story.  Most importantly, students will understand the style and tone of various types of argument writing related to literary analysis and "not just an opinion" about a topic. 

Tips for families to support learning

→ Provide a place for your child to write. 

→ Read, read, read! 

→ Encourage your child to keep a writer's notebook.

→ Provide authentic writing opportunities for your child. 

→ Be a writing role model. 

→ Ask questions. 

→ Help your child publish their writing.

Check out these resources that we are going to use to guide our literary essay writing

Anchor Charts Outside link icon

5 Paragraph Essay Flocabulary VideoOutside link icon

What’s a Thesis Flocabulary VideoOutside link icon

Paraphrasing Flocabulary VideoOutside link icon

Five Paragraph Essay BrainPop VideoOutside link icon

Math Topic 7:  Add and Subtract fractions with unlike denominators.

We will begin this unit by expanding on our fraction skills from 3rd and 4th grade. We will start by adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators using fraction tiles. We will use our foundational skills of creating equivalent fractions to complete the 5th-grade skill - adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators using fraction tiles and representations of fraction tiles. Students will use benchmark fractions, number lines, and number sense of fractions to estimate mentally and assess the reasonableness of answers.


Students will use strategies based on equivalence and reasoning to solve additive interdisciplinary and real-world context problems, such as cooking with recipes with fractions with unlike denominators. Students will use the Problem Solving Procedure when solving all types of word problems and tasks to solve correctly, prove their answers, include math vocabulary, representations, and connections. Students will solve using multiple strategies and relate the strategy to confirm their results. Students will relate each learning objective to their everyday lives, wherever applicable.


We will also be continuing our Exemplars work weekly. Each week students will complete an Exemplars task relating to the skills from the topic. Students will problem solve, justify their thinking, make connections, draw representations, and include math content vocabulary.

We have really been working hard at achieving our 5th grade fluency goal: multiply multi-digit numbers. We complete a multiplication tracker during math. The students have 2 minutes to complete as many multiplication problems as they can (max of 50). Then a peer scores them and they track it on their personal tracking sheet. They are able to see their progress week to week. This started week 1 of school and your children are getting more and more problems correct each week! We are so proud of them for all of their hard work. Please work with them at home on their facts from 0-15 so they can strengthen their skills and work their way up to 50!

**It is extremely important that children know their basic multiplication and division facts.

Basic Facts Flash Cards

Tips for families to support learning

→ Practice your Multiplication facts

→ Cook with your child and have discussions about the recipes. 

→ Have them add the ingredients together to determine the total amount of cups, tablespoons, etc that were used.

→ Encourage your child to use the Problem Solving Procedure when solving math problems at home!

Use these websites to support your child’s learning at home:

http://www.math-play.com/fractions-board-game/fractions-board-game_html5.html Outside link icon

http://studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/jams/math/fractions/add-sub-unlike-denom.htm Outside link icon

https://www.mathgames.com/skill/5.77-add-and-subtract-fractions-with-unlike-denominators Outside link icon

https://braingenie.ck12.org/skills/102631 Outside link icon

https://www.sheppardsoftware.com/mathgames/fractions/mathman_fractions_add_uncommon.htmOutside link icon



5th grade artists will make ELA connections through visual arts by focussing on specific art themes. Students will observe famous works of art and art movements to explore multiple themes that allow the viewers to interpret a work of art in different ways. Students will learn about art history from around the world to understand time periods and a wide range of cultures. Students will understand how to think creatively and develop connections among themes in art to their own personal experiences to create thematic based artwork. 


Students in class 502 will be continuing their music study through the month of January. Students in fifth grade music are learning about performing as a vocal and instrumental ensemble. They are learning about songs that were written by musical artists to enhance the world around them and advocate for positive change. Their studies connect to their recent persuasive writing unit on “Taking a Stand” and their Civics for All soapbox speeches. Vocally, students are learning to match pitch, use good posture and use a good tone while singing.

In addition, The students have learned about reading music on the treble staff and have applied that knowledge to the soprano recorder. For their final three weeks of music class, students will master playing songs that incorporate the notes B, A, G, E and C. 

All of their musical efforts will culminate in a concert performance for families entitled “Tomorrow Needs Us”, which will take place on January 26th at 8:30am. Students will wear BLACK and GOLD for this performance. Dress for our concert is FORMAL. We encourage dresses, dress pants, shirts and ties. Please refrain from wearing jeans, sneakers and sweats.

Home Connection: 

Recorders make great gifts! You can purchase a home recorder below:

Use the resources below to play the recorder at home:

Use the resources below to PRACTICE FOR OUR CONCERT!


Students in fifth grade will be participating in our partnership with SPARK New Victory Theater, which will begin in February. Students will receive fifteen theater workshop sessions with teaching artists from New Victory Theater. Their efforts will culminate in a sharing session for their peers.

Tips for families to support learning

To support your child at home there are resources posted on your child’s Google Classroom under the Science topic.  You can check out the different simulations and ask your child to explain what they have been learning using the following question prompts:

Chapter 1: Why don’t we see a lot of stars in the daytime? 

Chapter 2: Why is the sun up sometimes, but not other times?

Chapter 3: Why do we see different starts at different times of year?

Chapter 4: How can we investigate why we see different stars on different nights?


Physical Education:  

The Fifth grade will begin the Fitnessgram, a physical fitness assessment used through the Department of Education to track the health and physical wellness of our students.  Some parts of the Fitnessgram that our students will be participating in include the Pacer test, Curl-Ups, Push-ups, Trunk Lift, and the Sit and Reach. These “tests'' will assess the students abdominal strength and endurance, extensor strength and flexibility and upper body strength. In addition, privately we will record the students height and weight. Each week we will focus on one area of the assessment.  The students will always be encouraged to “try their best.”.


We  ❤️  Feedback in Fifth Grade



Tawhid: In this unit we learned to divide whole numbers by decimals.

Saliyah: I have learned how to divide decimals last unit by using long division and box method to solve.  



Melanie: In reading we learned how to create character theories.

Marck: In reading, we learned about themes in a fictional text.



Jessenia: In writing we learned about using vivid word choices.

Saliyah: I have learned how to hook my reader when writing a narrative account.


Music+Physical Education:

Tawhid: In gym, we learned to have sportsmanship and teamwork. We are doing this by often playing games that include teamwork and cooperation.

Marck: In PE, we play capture the flag, shark attack, and basketball. 

Melanie: In music, we have learned many different songs, like Tomorrow needs us, Le Vito and many more.


What we love about 5th Grade:

Marck: Something else I liked was the food drive because it felt special donating knowing that it's going for a good cause. It was really great!

Saliyah: I enjoyed being on the news team and spreading awareness of amazing books at the Scholastic Book Fair.