5th Grade

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5th Grade Happenings


ELA: This month, we will begin our unit on fiction and nonfiction reading passages.  We will practice a variety of reading skills through the lens of different genres, including context clues, theme, characterization, main idea, and point of view.  We will practice skills to prepare us to answer both multiple-choice questions and short-response questions.  

Math: In February, we will be ending our work with multiplying with fractions and whole numbers. We will move into working with dividing fractions and whole numbers. Then we will solve mixed problems with multiplying and dividing fractions.  Finally, we will use all of our fraction skills to complete fraction story problems! ALWAYS read the entire problem before solving! Remember to ALWAYS write the fraction in simplest form!

Reading: The students will continue in their Guided Reading groups, reading books aligned to their independent reading levels and discussing their books/texts with their classmates and teachers in small groups.  Students will work on a variety of skills, such as summarizing, character traits, and thinking beyond the text. Within ELA reteach, the students will work in small groups to complete various learning stations, practicing skills such as utilizing context clues, determining themes in fiction/nonfiction, writing coherent paragraphs and finding the main idea of a passage.

Writing: In writing, the students will work on thematic essays about short fiction and nonfiction passage.  The students will pull evidence from their reading in order to answer a question prompt. Additionally, students will practice essay-writing structures, including an introduction that restates and answers the prompt, body paragraphs that address the bullets within the prompt, and a conclusion to wrap up their writing.

 Important Dates:  

  • February 4, 2020 - Museum of Math Trip

  • February 11, 2020 - SPARK Trip - Riddle of the Trilobites

  • February 14, 2020 - First Payment of Senior Dues is due ($75)

  • February 17-21, 2020 - Winter Recess - NO SCHOOL

  • March 6, 2020 - SPARK Trip - Drumfolk

  • March 27, 2020 - Second Payment of Senior Dues is due ($50)