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Kindergarten Happenings


ELA:  We will be studying Plants this month.  In this unit, students will learn about the resources plants provide to living things and how these resources help living things survive. The students will be immersed in a variety of fiction and non-fiction trade texts that stress the similarities and differences of the variety of plants in our world. The students will focus on content knowledge and retention, as well as incorporating content area vocabulary in their everyday language and writing.. This domain also reinforces basic science concepts, including the process in which plants grow and the parts of a plant and their function.  At the end of the unit, the students should be able to write a narrative about being a plant and why they (the plant) are important to living things on the planet Earth.

MATH: Students will be working on solving simple story problems. Students will use pictures, drawings and number bonds to help them solve the story problem.  We will begin by solving for the sum. Next, we will solve for one hidden partner and then for two hidden parters. After addition, we will move into subtraction problems.  

Reading: Students continue to work hard.  Students are expected to be at a Level B at this point in the year.  Please be sure to continue reading a book every night and recording it in the reading log for at least 3 per week. Remember, your child receives a grade for this, but more importantly, it helps them to practice their reading skills.

Writing:  We return to Narrative Writing this month.  Students will write from the perspective of a plant.  They will tell about themselves and give three details.  For example, I am a sunflower.  I have many seeds in my flower.  I turn to the sun all day. I am very tall.  I feel proud to be a sunflower because I feed the birds with my seeds. The narrative checklist will be sent home as we begin the unit to help you use as a reference for homework writing.  Please be sure your child uses the checklist themselves to check their work.

Wilson: Now that we have learned every lowercase letter, we will begin to correctly form capital letters using the sky line on our Wilson board. You can have your child practice on the paper copy in the dry erase sleeve we sent home in September.  Also, we will learn that vowels  make two sounds (a,e,i,o,u).  In addition, we will continue to make three letter words and correctly form a sentence beginning with a capital, leaving spaces between words, and ending with a period.  Please encourage your child to think of UPS when they check their writing (Uppercase, Spaces, Period).