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Teacher: Ms. Pellerito


Kindergarten Happenings

ELA: We will start off 2020 continuing our unit about the Four Seasons. We will finish the seasons of spring and summer, looking at the changes in weather and the environment, what animals do in the season, what activities people do, and clothing we wear.  There will be a week of assessments for speaking and listening and writing at the end of the unit.


Math: The new year begins with a new math module.  We will compose and decompose numbers using a number bond. We have found this to be difficult for parents to understand. During our December parent workshop we shared some information and resources with you to help you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher for assistance. Simply put, we will be breaking up numbers into smaller groups and putting smaller groups of numbers together into larger groups.  The number bond is a way to show this.

Wilson: Unit 1 has been completed and now every lowercase letter and corresponding sound has been taught.  Now, we will move into identifying beginning, middle, and ending sounds of 3 letter words, and blending those sounds together. This is an important skill for decoding words for reading. 


Reading: We continue to read non-fiction books this cycle.  This month we will be testing students for the January benchmark.  The expectation to be on grade level this month will be to read on a level B.  Please continue to read at home every week and complete the reading logs. In addition, please use the Reading A to Z raz-kids website to help your child practice reading on level.  We expect to see some students move levels this month and we are excited to celebrate their achievements! 


Writing: Students will continue to write opinion pieces including an opening statement, 2-3 reasons, and a closing statement.  Students will choose which season is their favorite and defend their choice by writing an opinion piece. Please continue to use the rubric and checklist we sent home to help your child complete opinion writing homework assignments.  We are seeing an improvement in student writing so keep up the hard work at home!


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